History Of Terrorism And Lies Of The Nigerian Government

Written By Chukwudi Samuel || Mijovia News, 17th Dec 2021.

Terrorism in Northern Nigeria is something being propelled by the Northern elites and their religious leaders. And the people of the North kind of support the way things are in the North. Before Boko Haram came into existence, many terrorists minded groups have existed in the past. There are always people to be recruited into terror groups in the North, the only thing they need is leader that will serve as their relying point.

Almajiri system in the North is also a factor that gifts these terror groups their candidates.

Presently, there are many terrorist groups existing in the North. They are Boko Haram, ISWAP Terrorists, Fulani herdsmen terrorists. Even though the Fulani led Nigeria government is doing everything necessary to fool the world into believing that Fulani herdsmen terrorists are bandits, but those conversant with the happenings in Nigeria knew that they are not bandits but Fulani herdsmen terrorists.

Boko haram is the major frontline terrorist group presently in Northern Nigeria. They are a dreaded terrorist group that have terrorized Northern Nigeria for the past years now. They have killed more than 20 thousand Nigerians, including serving policemen and soldiers.

Many Nigeria government have passed, each with a promise of ending the sect but all to no avail. Instead they keep growing more powerful. Mohammadu Buhari led APC government came to power in 2015 with the promise of ending the terrorist groups, but they ended up in aiding them.

While Nigeria government have tagged indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) that have not killed a soul a terrorist group, they have tried everything possible to exonerate Fulani herdsmen terrorists from being tagged terrorists in Nigeria. That's when the world know them as the 4th deadliest terrorist group in the world. The same Nigeria government have been pampering Boko Haram terrorists and recruiting them in to the military, even when the activities of these terrorists have caused many deaths and destruction of properties.

What's their objectives? The terrorists in Northern Nigeria want to create an Islamic state out of Nigeria. The action of the Nigeria Government seemed to be in line with that of the terrorists. They all want an Islamic state devoid of Christians. The government is never serious in the war against these dreaded sects. Christian villages have been targeted by these terrorists, while the government look the other way.

Back in 2015, president Mohammadu buhari promised to end insurgency in Nigeria within 6months in office, but instead of fulfilling that promise, he further emboldened them using all sorts of lies and deceit.

One of those lies is telling Nigerians that Boko Haram was "technically defeated" when in actual sense, bokoharam have metamorphose into a more deadlier group with many weapons like missiles, rockets launchers that are capable of shooting down military aircraft.

All Christians in Nigeria now live under fear and trauma. Nigerian government charged with the responsibility of securing lives and properties of their citizens are now aiding and aggravate terrorism against her own citizens. Being a Christian in Nigeria could best be described as one living in a situation of uncertainties. Nigeria Christian and citizens have no freedom, no government and no protection. What's left for Nigeria is to dissolve because its already a failed state.

Chukwudi Samuel, 2021

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