Exposed: Special Military Men Deployed To Anambra

Mijovia News, 30th October, 2021

Mijovia News have gotten a hint that special military men have been deployed into Anambra by the Nigeria military. The information states that these military men were mainly from the North, and mostly fulanii men. They came through the newly constructed Anambra Airport.

According to the whistle-blower from the military, these men will be mercilessly merciless in their dealings with the people. They are to be armed with weapons, including machetes. They will never let any of their victims go free, even if he has what is popularly called Odeshi. They are to make use of matches in such cases.

Mijovia News hereby advise ndị Igbo, especially those living in Anambra to beware and avoid night movement during this period. Don't say you were not told.

Be vigilant.

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