Exposed: How Abba Kyari's Yoruba Native Doctor Was Killed By Unknown Gunmen

Exposed: How Abba Kyari's Yoruba Native Doctor Was Killed By Unknown Gunmen

Mijovia News, 15th August, 2021.

It is no more news that the fraudulent and yahoo yahoo Nigeria Police Officer Abba Kyari killed lots of innocent youths in Imo State.

The Governor of Imo State, Gov Hope Uzodimma invited Abba Kyari to Imo State, as a result of the wave of violence that enveloped Imo State, after the governor in coalition with the Federal Government of Nigeria used Supreme Court of Nigeria to steal the mandate given to former Gov Emeka Ihedioha by Imolites.

Since then, the governor used series of attacks against the people of Imo state to intimidate them.

Abba Kyari, the fraudulent show man police came with a powerful native doctor who is from Yoruba Land, Western Nigeria. This native doctor follows Abba Kyari to every of his operations in the state. He disguised himself by wearing a police uniform whenever they are going to k*ill innocent Imo State youths.

The confidence of Abba Kyari lies on the power of this native doctor. With this native doctor, Abba feels invincible and takes every innocent youth he arrests to the slaughter house. Abba Kyari is responsible for the killing of many youths in Imo state. The native doctor stays in front and waves off bullets coming from the unknown Gunmen through his spiritual powers. This is why Abba Kyari walked the ground of Imo state like he is a king. In many occasions Abba Kyari even went to the bushes in search of ESN carrying his cameras and posing to the camera men for pictures.

According to our source, the cover of the native doctor was exposed and the Unknown Gunmen tracked him and caught him at Awomama, Imo State. He was killed by unknown Gunmen and the video was posted online.

This was exactly the news Nigeria Police turned around to accuse ESN of killing a Native Doctor that prepares medicine for them.

In truth, it was actually a native Doctor working for Abba Kyari and Nigeria police that was killed by unknown Gunmen.

Daily Post carried it with the headline "ESN kills, beheads native doctor over charm failure"

Abba Kyari hurriedly left Imo state after the killing of his personal native Doctor by Unknown Gunmen.

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