#EndSARS : When A Country Starts Arresting Citizens Holding Their Own Flag

Mijovia News, October 21st, 2021

Cars with Nigeria flags decorating it were stopped and the occupants arrested by Nigeria police and military across the country, including Lagos and Abuja. Nigeria flag became a red flag and a crime leading to arrest of innocent youths. Who could have believed that Nigeria will ever degenerate to this poor state. No country have ever been this brutal to its youths.

Recall that just one year ago, across the country and at #LekkiTollgate in particular, Nigeria youths whom were waving Nigeria flags and singing Nigeria national anthem were gunned down by Nigeria Army and police.

Just yesterday, 20th October, the youths gathered to once again celebrate the memorial of that ugly day, when they moved out in protest to end police brutality and was meted with something worse. The Nigeria government came with more arrest of citizens.

When a country starts arresting their own citizens for waving her own flag, it is a sign that the country is nearing her end. Nigeria as a country can't be rescued and can't get better. A sad tell for a country once called the giant of Africa. The recent arrests, injustices, marginalization and killings by Nigeria government and their security operatives across Nigeria is the reason many indigenous groups like Oduduwa and Biafrans are demanding for a separate state from Nigeria.

Today, 21st October 2021, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) heads to court after being illegally rendered to Nigeria from Kenya by Nigeria government. That in itself is a sign that it is a matter of time and Nigeria you hear today, you will hear no more.

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