Endsars-Like Protest Erupts In Ghana

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Endsars-Like Protest Erupts In Ghana

Mijovia News Update, 4th August, 2021.

Just like it happened in Nigeria last year 2020, when Nigeria Youths started a protest against police brutality, youths in Ghana has also started their own round of protest which goes with the harsh tag #FixTheCountry. The hashtag has been popular both on Facebook and on twitter. But it has become a movement gone physical.

Ghana’s youth activists took to the streets of Accra to demand better living standards from Ghana government. The youths behind the 'Fix the Country' movement say they are determined to continue the protest until governance improves in Ghana. Ghana is a West African country better than most other west African countries around her.

The social media campaign under #FixTheCountry reminds Nigerians of the last endsars campaign. To end the endsars movement, Nigeria government introduced ethnic bias, brought in thugs and finally shot hundreds of protested waving Nigeria flags at #LekkiTollgate. Nigeria upon all evidence and indictment still deny killing youths at Lekki.

Will Ghanaian youths overcome or will they be overwhelmed like Nigeria government did to Nigeria youths?

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