Eastern Governors That Locked People Down And Hid Palliatives Are Against Monday Sit At Home

Eastern Governors That Locked People Down And Hid Palliatives Are Against Monday Sit At Home Mijovia News Update, 7th August, 2021. The word hypocrisy just discovered its practical meaning in the actions of Eastern Governors, whom are vehemently standing against the Monday Sit At Home order given by IPOB - DOS. DOS has earlier called for a total lockdown of Biafra land every Monday starting from 9th August should Nigeria government refuse to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally before 8th August.

The governors of the East have asked IPOB to call off the Monday sit at home. Ohaneze in a statement also said that the IPOB call for a sit at home will increase the suffering of the people. These are men that have in no way cared about the people and the suffering they go through in Nigeria.

During the last covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the Eastern Governors locked down Biafrans for two months without any help rendered to the people. They even sent Nigeria police against our people resulting to the extra judicial killing of some Biafrans. Nigeria policemen killed a 16 years old WAEC student in Ohofia in Abia state in the name of enforcing lockdown. However, it was later found out during #EndSARS protest that the same governors hid the Palliatives that was meant for the people in a warehouse in their respective states. How do you justify the rhetorics of the Governors today against IPOB sit at home, when same governors have been so wicked to the people? IPOB is simply working to free Biafrans from the chains of slavery.

Who do you listen to? The selfish governors or IPOB? Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been the only voice in defense of the people. He has paid and sacrificed more than enough for the freedom of Biafrans. Staying at home every Monday until he is released can't be compared to what MNK has gone through because of Biafra freedom.

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