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Asari Dokubo, the self acclaimed defacto President Of Biafra has on Saturday, 19th June 2021 dumped Niger Delta Republic to take up a new struggle which is Ijaw Nation struggle, sighting unsavoury treatments and crude exploitations meted on his Ijaw people by Nigeria Government over the years, with special reference to 'water resources bill sponsored by the Buhari administration'.

On a post made by the former militant leader on Facebook tagged 'The Ijaw Nation speaks' he made it clear that Ijaw will secede from Nigeria if their grievances are not taken care of. The post reads in part.

"The Ijaws have become reprehensive and afraid of being part of an unworkable union. Having endured the unsavory treatments and crude exploitations over the years, and the noted resolve of the present-day leaders to continue their stranglehold on the Ijaw people through mor obnoxious laws (the water resources bill sponsored by the Buhari administration) our faith in the Nigerian union has been grossly eroded."

The proud rich war lord said that Ijaw people are tired of carrying the burdens of Nigeria without them appreciating this gesture. His words...

“Rather than continue to sacrifice and carry the burdens of an unappreciative Nigeria nation, we wish to state without equivocation our resolve for self determination, we are prepared to legally and peacefully negotiate our exit like other aggrieved ethnic nationalities but also as a distinct Ijaw Republic with ethno linguistic, cultural affinity and geographic contiguity and not in part or full of any other secessionist agenda."

Asari Dokubo therefore alerted his Niger Delta Neighbours of the upcoming convocation of all Ijaw summit, that will determine the way forward. He also believes that Ijaw will be committed to One Nigeria should Nigeria government address the pitiable conditions of Ijaw people. His post reads further.

This address also serves as an advance notice to all Ijaw people, our neighbours, particularly in the Niger Delta region, others oppressed and deprived and the Nigerian State, preparatory to the convocation of an all Ijaw summit that will ultimately decide on the way forward in very specific terms.

“Our current resolve for self-determination and self-actualization can only be reversed if urgent steps are taken by the powers that be to urgently and sincerely address the minimum conditions precedent to guarantee the continues commitment of the Ijaws to the Nigerian project. These include

The restoration of true federalism under a new constitution enacted by the people wherein a lean exclusive legislative list is prescribed for the federal tier of government. The restoration of Ijaw territory as non balkanized administrative and political federating unit(s) for reassurance of the Ijaw development pursuit.
The repeal of all obnoxious and discriminatory laws and policies that have continuously undermine our fundamental human and environmental rights as indigenous people of Nigeria".

This comments by Asari Dokubo puts to rest the struggle for Niger Delta Republic as Ijaw bows out. Recall that on 18th June, 2021, some indigenes of Akwa Ibom also declared for Ibom Republic.

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