Bombshell : How Nigeria Police Mission To Blackmail IPOB And ESN In Enugu Failed || Mijovia News

Bombshell : How Nigeria Police Mission To Blackmail IPOB And ESN In Enugu Failed || Mijovia News

According to the video posted by Punch Newspapers online, it stated how a Nigeria police man went on shooting spree in Enugu, killing innocent people.

The police man whose name was not mentioned, probably because of the region he came from, took his gun and started shooting and killing people. Some people were killed on their bed, while some other passersby also fell victim.

The police man, according to eye witness account blamed the killing on Unknown Gunmen.

Recall that Nigeria government have been fighting to pin the recent attacks on police formation on IPOB and ESN. Probably, this killings by a Nigeria police man was done to establish this point, and make the people blame IPOB.

IPOB have repeatedly denied every involvement in the attacks, maintaining that ESN was formed to confront deadly attacks on Easterners by killer Herdsmen. Meaning that they are on safe defense mission.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu also took to his Twitter handle to say the following.

"I want to make this clear: #ESN is not after security agents. #ESN is focused on stopping terrorists who are rampaging our communities! The sole duty of the #ESN is to resist the attacks of the terrorists, bandits and herdsmen against #Biafrans."

The IPOB leader continued.

" #ESN was created in response to the shameful failure of South-East governors to float a regional security outfit. There's no way #IPOB would fold its hands and watch terrorists with an evil agenda decimate our communities while the government maintains criminal silence!"

Among the five persons killed by the terrorist police officer in Enugu, two were Hausa according to the eyewitnesses account.

This appeared to be a planned job to call a dog a bad name as to hang it. The survivor of that unholy attack just rubbished every plan made by the Nigeria police to pin it on IPOB. This police man might not have acted alone. This puts a big question mark on all the claims of Nigeria Police concerning the recent attacks in South East.

You can only imagine if there wasn't a survivor that relayed to the people exactly what happened. By now Nigeria media would have been singing how IPOB murdered its own people. Also all Northern Groups will be issuing threatening press release on how #ESN are killing Northerners doing their legitimate business in the Southeast. Arewa youths would have issued another ultimatum to Ndi Igbo living in the North. Have you now seen the game? The International Community have to know about this evil.

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