Biafra: Igbo Celebrities Ignore The Killings Going On In The East To Discuss BB9ja

Mijovia News, 29th July, 2021.

With the killings going on in the East, especially in Imo and Enugu State, one would think that Igbo Celebrities will concentrate on making the world know about it, by using their different platforms to bring awareness to the plight of their people.

In Nigeria, Ndị Igbo has more celebrities, both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, yet most of them care less about the people. There are Igbo people in sports, music and politics across the globe. Imagine what will happen should they add their voice to the marginalization of their people back home.

Lots of killings are presently going on in Imo state. People are arrested and killed at will by Nigeria security operatives. The soldiers move around harassing people and arresting them. People going about their different business are suffering different froms of molestation. Just few days ago, soldiers in Orlu, Imo State closed down the Timber market.

Just few days ago, some people were arrested in Imo state and termed unknown gun men. Among the arrested were an Okada man. His family members have been crying for help from the people. Will he get out of it? The chances are slim.

Just as the federal government of Nigeria refused to present the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to court in Abuja, Fulani herdsmen terrorists were busy causing havoc in Enugu state. People were decapitated and murdered.

In all these things, it has been a grave silence in the part of celebrities of Igbo extraction. They will rather use their social media accounts with thousands of followers to discuss Big Brother Nigeria, while their people back home are killed extrajudicially.

Igbo Celebrities should make a U-turn and start feeling the pains of their own people.

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