Biafra: How Miscreants Took Charge Over The Entire South East

Mijovia Opinion, 25th Sept 2021

They started by making IPOB members feel like they were no body. That were are jobless and of no good for seeking for Biafra. The same Biafra that was the greatest pride of the old Eastern Region in 1967-70 was so demonised that people became not only afraid but shy to identify with it. Some part of Igbo was carved out and thrown into the lie called South South, and they not only denied being Biafrans, they also denied being Igbo.

I still remember going for a Burial of a diseased class mate sometime ago. What I met their was not funny at all. Former school mates where kind of mocking me with things of Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I know that many suffered this same thing, and many more distanced themselves because of it.

Within time the message of Biafra started sinking. People started embracing it and that clothe of shame that covered the ones prideful notion of freedom was removed. Thanks to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the consistency of the few that embraced the struggle from the beginning.

What did the politicians do? They neglected the struggle the more. They said they are inconsequential and as well got many online social media influencers to do the job for them. Most of them started writing that IPOB doesn't speak for Ndị Igbo and can't decide for them. Lots of people believed them. You know that drama queens and Kings easily get attention. But the greatest weapon of those agitating for Biafra, aside from truth, comes from the ability of the politicians to neglect them.

When they noticed that it's like these people are determined and never touched by their insults, they resorted to killing. At Enugu, South East leaders converged in a meeting and agreed to unleash evil on the youths calling for Biafra freedom. They sent their concent to Abuja and immediately Operation Python Dance was declared. It was around 14th September 2017. Many South East states where attacked by Nigeria Soldiers. Many youths were killed. At Aba, a borrow pit was discovered. They just killed those IPOB members, poured acide on their bodies and dumped them there. Same thing happened in Umuahia. In other to kill Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they ended up killing 28 IPOB members and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's cousin sister. These barbarians masquerading as Nigeria Soldiers didn't even spare a pet dog, as the lifeless body of that animal was ridden with bullets. It was a terrible story. One might question that South East leaders weren't in charge of the Nigeria military and police, but their loud silence about the massacre showed that it was actually the South East politicians that did it. These politicians have blood of their innocent youths on their hands.

When Eastern Security Network (ESN) was established by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), the collaborators of the dubious politicians condemned the initiative. They said it will bring war to Ala Igbo. When this lie did not fly, they started calling ESN an audio security outfit, until they were shut up with the video of volunteers that trained in South East without the knowledge of the so called politicians. Now they have gone back to lying that ESN have not stopped the terror of Fulanii herdsmen terrorists. Some of them are even demanding to be shown pictures of Fulanii herdsmen terrorists killed by ESN. Who petty can they not get?

You can't stay on social media and know what ESN is doing. You have to go to the communities that are good in agriculture and ask them if they haven't been cultivating with out fear since the formation of ESN. Those that ask what ESN has done are not worried that group of men they called governors, who go to Abuja to collect billions are basically doing nothing, other than looting the entire money. What have these governors done in safeguarding the people? Fulanii herdsmen terrorists are not their problem, but IPOB members protesting with mere flags.

This is the people vs the politicians and those that support them. All Biafrans must keep this in mind. It is between evil and good. So we must get ready for people's uprising. It is step by step. When sit at home started they continuously used Nigeria media to lie that the people didn't obey IPOB. Today, they don't lie again, rather they resorted to blackmail. Those that said boycott can happen are today afraid that sit at home might be declared on an election day.

It is only a man without knowledge that will keep believing that South East Governors are still in charge of their state. How do you explain it that a non government players can successfully lockdown the entire South East, that no single Igbo man was found outside the day Nigeria president visited Imo State due to IPOB sit at down says a lot. Markets and transportation shutdown. IPOB is now in charge and no amount of blackmail will stop them. IPOB will keep disgracing Nigeria that they will wake up one day to sack them. Politicians will continue to cover up until they cannot be able to cover up again. Anambara election will come without the people and yet they will declare a winner. But for how long will they continue like that? The abduction of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will haunt them all. They will see how IPOB will keep closing in on them until they all go on exile. A time will come when no activity concerning Nigeria will be happening in Biafra land.

Without your neglects, insults and name calling, IPOB wouldn't have reached this stage.

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