Biafra: Eastern security network(ESN), The Defenders Of Motherland Is One Today

Mijovia News, 12th Dec, 2021

IPOB is a group of young men and women who have taken it upon themselves to liberate the people of the old Eastern Nigeria also known as Biafra people from the many years of systematic economic, physical bondage and marginalization meted on them by the Nigerian state. Their major believe in achieving this is through a UN supervised referendum so that the people can choose where to belong.

IPOB have met so many rumbles & bumps on the road, they have been met with the most brutal and unwarranted treatment from the Nigeria state for even daring to emancipate her people from generational brutal maltreatment. In a bid to quell IPOB's agitation, Nigeria government killed so many of them, they shot at them for mere holding a flag in a peaceful protest. They were arrested, tortured and put in various Nigeria jails uncharged.

IPOB have endured this for many years, and continued to press forward their demand for freedom. The Nigeria state, after seeing their resoluteness and never die attitude now resulted to using terrorist in form of fulanii herdsmen to go into their bushes and remote villages with soft spots, farmlands to rape, kill and massacre Biafran people in their numbers. As all these were happening, the government never said anything, they never stood up to their responsibility to protect the people, instead they loved it. Terrible, isn't it?

After seeing all the anomalies caused by Fulanii herdsmen terrorists, IPOB then gave birth to ESN, a child of necessity. Out of IPOB, ESN was formed and charged with the duty and responsibility of protecting and defending the people against terrorists from the North. On exactly 12 Dec, 2020 ESN was officially inaugurated by the leader of IPOB movement Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Since then, ESN was faced with many tribulations and attacks from the Nigeria security forces, the army, the navy, the police, DSS, airforce and many security agencies owned by the government. And I keep asking myself, why the mobilization of all this security apparatuses against ESN, when the same government kept mute over the very demons who raped, killed and massacre our mothers and fathers in the farm.

This has been the situation of things in Biafra land. Today, the ever formidable ESN clocks one year today. To the people of the eastern Nigeria, ESN has been their own army, police, navy and airforce. They are the reason our farmers can now go to farm without being killed. That's why every prayer was made for her survival and existence. So I will join many in that regard to say may almighty in heaven protect and guard this group of young men and women who have taken it upon themselves to defend and protect the people of Biafra. I say a very big happy birthday to Eastern security network(ESN). Long live ESN

All hail ipob All hail ESN All hail our most formidable leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu All hail Biafra #FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow

~Chukwudi Samuel, 12 12 2021

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