APC-Buhari Administration Will Be The Greatest Undoing Of The Fulani Agenda In Nigeria

Mijovia Opinion, 9th September, 2021

The coming of the Mr Mohammadu Buhari as the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria, was something that was celebrated by almost all Fulani people in Nigeria and beyond. It is became a light that ignited the Fulanii agenda yet again. It sent a message that indeed the fulanii agenda is not dead.

Uthman Dan Fodio has led the foundation for this agenda upon his arrival to Nigeria in 1804 and ever since then, every fulanii man has taken it as a duty to further this agenda. At the beginning of this agenda, Hausa people lost control of their land to the Fulanii people. In fact, the Hausa peasants helped the fulanii militia to conquer their own kings and Queens.

Since the takeover of the Hausa land, fulanii people have fought to maintain their stronghold on the Hausa people.

The agenda of the Fulanii people is a big one. Unfortunately, it is not something that supposed to end with the acquisition of the Hausa land. They needed to move further, into the hinterlands of the Igbo and beyond into the Atlantic Ocean. Deep the Koran into the ocean if they must. The movement to takeover the entire land space known as Nigeria has been ongoing, but with little pace, until Mr Mohammadu Buhari was declared Nigeria president. It became like they are in a haste to execute their plans. Mr Buhari started doing a lot of things, things that couldn't have been tolerated by his own Northern people, should it come from a southern president.

Nepotism became the order of the day, as Mohammadu Buhari gave almost every strategic positions to his fellow fulanii people, or at worse to his fellow Muslim brothers.

Injustice was taken to its greatest height. He started with the abduction and killing of IPOB members, while forgiving Boko Haram Terrorists, paying them money and recruiting them into the military and police. They fought hard to takeover other regions through grazing reserves, grazing routes and Ruga project. To achieve this, they tried to install leaders in other regions. Leaders that will help them facilitate their agenda. That was how Gov Hope Uzodimma rose to power. He became a Fulanii full blown injustice against Igbo people and particularly Imo.

Ruga or Grazing Reserve was the plan of the fulanii to acquire people's land, infuse themselves into your lands and within some years become indigenous to those places. This have worked for the fulanii in the middle belt. The Fulanii acquired lands in Jos and Benue. Within time they brought in many of their brothers, and today they are bona-fide indigenes of Jos and Benue.

This was exactly what they wanted to replicate in the East. They needed to get a portion, establish there, claim indigene and fight if need be to secure the place. Fulanii herdsmen getting lands in the entire Southern states in Nigeria will automatically make them an indigene of all states in Nigeria.

The coming of Mr Buhari seemed to have made all these things possible. They have the military and police in their control, so they use them to harass people that stands in their way.

Eastern leaders were virtually helping them to achieve this agenda.

Looking at this administration, one might think it is the greatest thing that happened to the Fulanii people, but it is not. In fact, this administration will be their greatest undoing. Nothing rises and grows revolutionaries like injustice. The coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to the picture was exactly what destroyed the agenda of the fulanii. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader liberated the masses from acute ignorance forced on them by the Nigeria government. His actions and outspokenness also gave courage to lots of southern leaders.

The same administration Fulanii people thought will be the best for them, is gradually turning to become their worse. Everything the fulanii wanted to force unto the people have been completely rejected by the people. Southerners not only rejected Ruga and grazing reserve for the fulanii herdsmen, most of the Southern states have started passing anti grazing laws into law.

Also the fulanii never saw the passing of Value Added Tax Bill by the Lagos State House of Assembly coming. Other states like Rivers might be joining soon.

Without fulanii herdsmen taking their cows to your community in the name of grazing, their terrorist brothers will find it difficult to invade your community.

The damage this administration has done to the fulanii agenda will be told for many generations. In a bid to perfect fulanii agenda, they destroyed it. With the atrocities of this government, even those of them that remained dumb to what is happening in Nigeria have all woken up.

The greatest failure will be the fulanii people. Not only that their agenda will fail, Nigeria will divide right in front of them, and Hausa will battle them for the recovery of their land.

Time will tell.

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