Another Side To What Transpired In Akata Imo State, When Nigeria Military Attacked

Mijovia News, August 28, 2021.

Yesterday, 27th August 2021, Nigeria media carried a news concerning the attacks by Nigeria military and police in Akata Imo State. They reported that Nigeria police killed ESN members in Akata. The news reported exactly what the police PRO issued as press release, and never an investigation of what transpired.

Mijovia News quickly went into action as to ascertain exactly what happened. One of our correspondent who spoke to an indigene of Akata told our correspondent that the problem started when Nigeria Soldiers went to a Burial ceremony in Akata and shot one person in the hand. The wounded was taken to the hospital.

He said that the soldiers returned again with more reinforcement. They came with Armored vehicles and lots of weapons. According to the information, they were after ESN members. They attacked ESN members in the Bush, who also defended themselves. According to the information made available to Mijovia News, about 9 soldiers were killed and some of their vehicles burnt.

It is quite unfortunate that after Fulanii herdsmen terrorists invaded Kaduna Military Headquarters, killed Military officials and kidnapped one, who was later found dead, soldiers didn't invade Kaduna villages killing people like they always do in the East. But they are in Orlu killing peaceful Easterners.

The Soldiers returning from the operation were also said to have killed a young business man that newly returned from Ghana in Okporo area of Orlu. Some Shops were also said to have been set ablaze by them.

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