Anonymous Predicts A Possible Takeover Of Government By ISWAP In A West African Country

Mijovia News Update, 19th August, 2021. Anonymous whom are notorious for predicting events in Nigeria and across the globe have yet again made some predictions about what is to happen in Nigeria. According to them, there is a plan by the people they called the agendist to facilitate a takeover of government by the ISWAP. According to anonymous, the South should wake up and unite as to be able to stop what is to come in Nigeria.

The unknown face Anonymous dropped this on their Facebook page. "Evening greetings from Hawaii, it is a calm night, a bit cold accompanied with some really fresh breath. This is Anonymous. This is an urgent broadcast, a broadcast directed to the people of Nigeria. It is of urgent importance for the people of this nation to be aware of the situation as this is a bad one. The agendists always look to change strategies after expositions, however, we are always ahead of them. A group called ISWAP ( A Terrorist Network) headed by Khalifa Muslimai has a standby plan to take over the government, Date is unknown, however, a counter plan is ongoing as there’s an internal coup plan. This would be a bloody time as there’s a possibility of a war outbreak.

Remember the previous Expositions, Remember the agenda, ISWAP is here to facilitate the agenda. The agendists say within themselves. Let us strike immediately. The emergence of a new nation is becoming more imminent , this must be averted they say, a host of countries are solidly behind this agenda as they never wish to see this new nations emerge. These countries are ready to supply ISWAP with arms, money and anything needed to make this agenda a success. The Nigerian constitution would immediately be replaced with The sharia law. Feel free to doubt, this shall happen and you shall return as usual to make references. Key points of agenda includes

1. A change of name from Nigeria to United Arab Republic 2. Implementation of the sharia law 3. One religion practice 4. Social media regulation Furthermore the people must be aware, over 40% of the military is currently ISwAP agents as many have been deployed into the military with different guises. A coup would be very difficult hence they’ve got there men littered in the military. Three days ago, There was a meeting between three men which we understand are retired Generals, these Men includes Mr Olusegun Obersanjo, Mr Ibrahim Babagida and Mr Adulasalami Abubakah, there would be a return meeting on Friday August 20 as they look to finalize the plans.

The people must be aware, Expositions are made for the people to be forewarned and avert incoming disasters, we urge the people to be in unity at this moment. You must not make the mistake Afghanistan made, you must not ignore this message! You are very close to libration, a war would only set you back. The people must stand up now and act with one voice. Anonymous is always behind you all and you must not forget, We are Anonymous

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