An Insight: What If Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Was Murdered In Kenya

Mijovia News, 26th Dec. 2021

As a Biafran, has this question ever crossed your mind? What If Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Was Murdered In Kenya? What would have happened, owing to the games the autopiloters are playing.

Personally, I am still shocked that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wasn't killed in Kenya. His enemy had the chance of killing him in Kenya but did not. Have you asked WHY? Knowing fully well that the Nigeria government are the ones sponsoring the Autopiloters, why did they not kill him then and use the Autopiloters to blame his death on the IPOB Directorate Of State?

Do you think you wouldn't have believed them? Even me, I would have believed the Autopiloters in their lies. Nigeria government would have easily denied having any hand in his death, and Autopiloters will lead a campaign of accusations against MNK's trusted allies in the DOS. While these things are happening, the international community would not do anything to the Nigeria government because their will be no proof. I think Biafrans should understand that the international community does not want Biafra to come into existence and will jump into any opportunity that will silence Biafra eternally.

Had it been their game in Kenya played out the way they wished and planned it, IPOB would be divided. Those of them led by government sponsored Autopiloters will in their unpreparedness start destroying government properties, going after politicians, giving room for Nigeria government to move in soldiers and slaughter Biafrans. It will be a huge set up. Those of them in Autopilot will be used to set up our people for the kill and their actions will be blamed on IPOB.

Don't forget that the inability of Nigeria government to murder Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya punctured their plan. The IPOB leader ought to have died in Kenya. Every plan has been made on how to blame his death on DOS and his immediate family. It was when they didn't succeed in their plans that they started other plans. Anambra election gave them another opportunity to nail and destroy IPOB. Again use the recruited chief Autopiloters and their gullible ignorant followers to cause problems. The government will as well take advantage of the situation created by Autopilot, hire their own thugs to cause mayhem in the name of IPOB. When all these are playing out Nigeria government will now come out with their genocidal army in the name of bringing back peace and stability in the South East. They will kill without impunity, they will shoot at "anything that moves". The Nigeria press and international press will cover for them. The international community will be mute like they were in 1967-1970. Don't forget that while all these are playing out IPOB will be so divided. The autopiloters will take advantage of the emotions of most people and play them into listening to chants of destruction.

The news of MNK's death or disappearance would have brought chaos to the South East. The people who are not prepared will start an immediate revolution, bur-ning down the East. While the burning is on, the army will be killing every thing that moves including those that still believe in OneNigeria. The division will also affect the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Some of the gallant men in the ESN will be totally confused. Some of them in their confusion will be in support of the Autopiloters, while others will support and trust DOS. Having destroyed DOS with allegations and accusations, it will terribly harm ESN. If for instance ESN decide to defend Biafra land from the genocidal Nigeria army, they will not last long because no one will be there to sustain them. The loud mouthed Chief Autopiloters that made some of them reject DOS will desert them. They will give them promises of military supplies that won't come.

Then with the lies of Nigeria media and few international media, international community will not hesitate to tag Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) a terrorist group. They will freeze all IPOB account. It will be so bad that those that still trust the DOS will find it so difficult to support them financially. IPOB having lost all their accounts and means of getting support made difficult, will be totally incapable of sustaining ESN. Don't forget that by then it is expected that ESN would have been tagged a Terrorist group.

Now snap out of it! All these have a 90% chance of happening if only their plan of killing MNK in Kenya succeeded. Only God and not man saved IPOB from total collapse. The question you need to answer within you are these. Why did they not kill MNK when they had the chance to?

Did Nigeria government try to kill him in Kenya? Are they still working towards killing him? or have God already saved IPOB? If yes, WHY?

#FreeMaziNnamdiKanu #FreeBiafra

Written by Chimzuruike, a Mijovia guest writer.

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