Again It Is A Complete Lockdown In Owerri Imo State Over Nigeria President's Visit

Mijovia News, September 9th 2021.

Information getting to Mijovia News table states that Owerri is under lock and key today, 9th September, 2021. No single soul was seen moving around. Markets and banks were remained closed.

IPOB have called for sit at home in protest over the visit of the Nigeria president to Imo State. Imo State has been a troubled zone since the federal government of Nigeria started attacking innocent citizens just to clamp down on IPOB. Lots of people have been killed and branded unknown Gunmen.

The people viewed the proposed President Buhari's visit to Imo state as dancing on the graves of those they killed in Imo state.

The compliance of the sit at home has shown that IPOB is truly in charge of the East.

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