A Nation Of Injustice, Breeding Injustice (Injustice In Obodoukwu And Ikenga)

A Nation Of Injustice, Breeding Injustice

(Injustice In Obodoukwu And Ikenga)

If you have not given up on Nigeria, then there is no evil you cannot take in this life. Nigeria is a huge disappointment. An evil entity. A time bomb. A walking evil about to consume people.

Some people think we just wake up to give up on Nigeria. Nigeria has done evil. There is nothing Nigeria has not done. Nigeria enables evil.

Is it not here that I told you a story about how 6 youths from Ikenga in Anambra State were arrested by a man from same Ikenga and kept them in Ekwulobia prison without trial for four years now. It has been adjournment cum adjournment. The man is a business man and a politician. He belonged to PDP and has the connection. He has bribed every body, including the lawyers representing the youths. He has bribed the Traditional rulers and even the sands in Ikenga. The boys are all in jail.

One of the boys recently suffered assassination attempt right there inside the jail. Who wanted him dead? Definitely, it must be someone from the outside, using people from the inside. This rich man knows he has nothing on them, he just picked them up because he feels he got the power and money. Criminals went at night and stole his properties, so he came back from Onitsha and used SARS to round up some youths. He tortured them and they nearly died in the hands of SARS.

Through illegal adjournments, innocent youths have stayed in prison for four years. When people know they can't have their way in court, they use adjournments. Just three adjournments, and a year is gone. In Nigeria the government and individuals that think themselves rich will kill and intimidate you, and nothing will happen.

Did I not also told you about a rich man from OBODOUKWU in Ideato North that used a fake FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA project to steal a land belonging to a poor widow. This one have also bribed the King and some important people and they are bent on taking over a poor widow's land. They are selling propaganda against the widow and giving ridiculous reasons why the land should be taken. Those supporting him are telling the poor widow to be happy that development is coming to Obodoukwu. Can you imagine that? A development that can't sit on their own lands, but on that of a poor widow's land.

Nigeria is evil. This man now uses everything, including the police and court to intimidate the widow and his two sons. Which people take from an 80 years old widow? You want to build a hospital for your son and you went after another person's land, when you are rich enough to buy lands. When you are also from that same community with your own ancestral lands. Devilish people being supported by criminals. Mindless criminals that looks at money and personality before saying a simple truth. When are you bringing out your own land for building hospitals, for these developments you are craving for?

Nigeria should not be existing. Nigeria has corrupted everything and made lives difficult for countless people. It keep favoring criminals and bandits.

The Case of this poor widow and that of the youths are just few out of many injustices going on in Nigeria.

Shame on all of you from these towns standing with the rich against innocent poor people.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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