A Must Read: Why IPOB-DOS Can Never Compromise

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Mijovia News, 24 August, 2021.

I have never written to favour anyone, or try to gain unmerited love from people. I will keep saying what I have been saying, it doesn't matter if you abide by it or not. I might be wrong at times, but I sincerely write to protect this struggle. The most important thing is to say them for posterity sake. A lot of people have shown too much emotions concerning what is presently happening that I began to ask if truly some of us understand what freedom is.

Those defending DOS and those on the part of Ekpa, some of you have somehow derailed. I will tell you exactly why I think so.

The only reason people are defending Simon Ekpa is because some few elements think they can unleash media war against Ekpa and people will keep quiet. You should understand that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has done a lot of teaching for more 10 years using Radio Biafra. These lectures have left Biafrans truly educated. Do you know what it means educating the masses almost two or three times a week for 10 years? Biafrans are more wiser now. When you push something like you are witch hunting people, then you indirectly give the person more followers and more acceptance.

Some of us thought that the only way to defend DOS is to blackmail Ekpa and those that support him. This has achieved nothing other than to divide us more. Also, those defending Ekpa has also said a lot of demeaning words to DOS. I saw someone say on my post, to hell with DOS. This is emotions gone too far.

It seems that some of us don't really understand IPOB and the structure of IPOB. I keep telling people that without DOS at this critical stage of the struggle we are gone. Do you know how long it took IPOB to build this structure? Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has sacrificed a lot for this structure. This means that when you say to hell with DOS, you are saying to hell with our freedom, to IPOB and also to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Yes, that is exactly what it is. The only reason the government is taking you seriously is because of this structure. IPOB has structures and chains of command in many countries of the world. Without the people there is no IPOB and without leadership and the structure, we are going no where.

This structure is what is holding IPOB strong and stronger. It is this structure that pay and receive payment for IPOB. It is this structure that call for protest worldwide. It is this structure that instituted ESN and also commands it. No one have access to the command chain of this structure except Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and in his absence DOS. Destroy this structure and we are gone. Or do you want to start afresh?

You can't command this structure. You can't command or control this structure. No one but Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or DOS. This is why we must support DOS. Yes, there have been issues concerning DOS lately. Personally I believe that few of them are truly messing up, but no matter what they do it is totally impossible for this few to derail IPOB.

Some people do not understand what DOS really mean. DOS is not just one man. DOS are collection of people, hardcore IPOB members. According to my investigation, they are more than 40. Do you actually think that 40 people can be bought at the same time? Do you actually think so? It is impossible. Like I said, DOS can only speak as a body. It is when they gather, deliberate that they can issue statement. Not when one person just go to his miserable wall to write one trash we all we attribute the nonsense to IPOB DOS. It is not it. We must be guided.

Those saying that Ekpa is who they know and no other are naive. Ekpa is not DOS and can't take the place of DOS. Yes, IPOB is the PEOPLE, but without the structure already built by the people you are going no where. It is on this structure that DOS stands. Ekpa has contributed much to the struggle no doubt and doesn't deserve any kind of attacks, but in your defense, don't try to destroy what we have built.

If you have watched Ekpa, you will notice that he too have never said any ill word against DOS. He understands that DOS is the engine house of this struggle, so why should you in support of him speak down on DOS? There are many responsible men and women in DOS. Men and women that will rather die than to compromise. Do you think these people will watch few men bring this noble family down? Impossible.

I will end this write up with the following words. Members of DOS should at this point know that their posts on social media can be misunderstood, so they should be careful when writing. You can't be defending one person thinking you are defending DOS and when an individual does something, never you take it as words from DOS.

Know it that Ekpa as far as this struggle is concerned is under DOS and so is all of us. We must protect this struggle with all we got and protecting it is standing with the truth at all time.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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