A Faceless Facebook User Anonymous Set To Name Sponsors Of Terrorism And Agendists In Nigeria

Mijovia News, August 30th August, 2021.

In what the group tagged esposition 8, they promised Nigerians that they will be telling Nigerians on 5th of September who and who are sponsoring terrorism in Nigeria. They promise to mention names.

Anonymous have been popular with most of their predictions concerning Nigeria. He has predicted many crucial events in Nigeria, including the death of Abba Kyari, whom they claimed was killed by the agendists.

The Anonymous wrote the following on their Facebook page.

"Exposition 8 shall deal with a lot of things, names shall be mentioned, sponsors of terrorism, the agendists, names shall be called. You must know your enemies.

" We have a full house, Firsov is back fully, Mercia too is back, it’s a full house now, Uganda and Kenya too would be visited. Nigeria is our focus point for over a year now. We shall uncover many more details.

" Share to your friends. Date is 5th September. Let’s do this.


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